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We have been in the field of Digital Marketing for over 15 year – an experience that cannot be bought at the grocery store. Don’t be left behind, get ahead today to an SEO company that knows the job. 

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Why Choose Us?

We are a digital marketing company that works for you –

Yam Digital Marketing was established over a decade ago to meet the needs of local, small and medium business owners, with our experience, we built a strategic plan that allows them to attract customers from the local area. We provide Digital Marketing Solutions for businesses from A to Z.

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Over 15 year experience

We stuck to our motto - providing service and professionalism without compromise. With over a decade of experience in the field.

Thinking outside the box

We follow Google's rules - but with diverse techniques and thinking outside the box

Meeting deadlines and goals

As soon as we take on a project, we are obligated to the client and to ourselves to meet the deadlines.

Support Around the clock

We advocate that the customer is above all. As soon as the customer needs help, we will be there for him even outside of work hours.

About Us

We operate in Israel and abroad – digital marketing helps businesses in their digital development. Even without any technical knowledge of the customers. 

Especially since the whole “world” is moving towards online, businesses that do not take the step towards the digital world can lose customers to competitors who are there.


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Our Services

Yam Digital Marketing specializes in everything related to your business digitally. From building a website to promoting the website (organic/sponsored) and receiving leads/sales

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SEO Service

We at Yam Digital Marketing have been specializing for over 12 years in organic website promotion in Google/Bing search engines. The first page on Google is the goal of all of us and yours!

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Free site inspection

We will check your website, and we will be able to show you the main data which in our opinion (and Google's guidelines) will help you to progress and develop in terms of website promotion.

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Designing and building websites

We will build you the perfect website, after choosing colors, fonts, background on the business, we will work day and night and we will not stop designing and changing until you are satisfied.

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Website management services

If you have a website but you are not professional enough to manage it, both in terms of updates, security, spammers and more, we are here to help. Try our website management services

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Marketing on social networks

Every business owner knows that if you are not on social media, you do not exist. We will help you from the stage of establishment, design and operation of your business pages on social networks

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Management of sponsored campaigns

The first 4 places in Google search belong to sponsored ads. There are businesses that want to be there: because of the competition, impatience for organic promotion or a desire for results here and now.

What our customers say

Over the years, we have promoted hundreds of websites and businesses, prepared a cluster so that they could read what they think about us.

I've been telling myself for quite some time that I need to find a SEO company! A neighbor recommended Yam Digital Marketing to me, I called, Yaniv answered me, and within half a minute of conversation I realized that I was talking to a website promotion expert with years of experience. He even gave me tips about the business without closing anything.. We've been together for 3 months and he managed to jump me to the first places in the Google search engine. I am really satisfied and I had to write it down.
coast design & Build
CEO of a renovation business
I was looking for a website promotion and website building company for businesses.. I needed a website built for a small business, I talked to 4-5 business owners, some of them didn't return an offer at all.. Out of all the businesses, I came to Lim Digital Marketing. They built the site for me at almost half the price of the other companies, in addition they answered me quickly and with incredible professionalism, the whole project took us about 10 days. The site is up and running without problems!
Spa and massage business
We contacted them to advertise our business on Google. Within a month our site was ranked first in Google! We started receiving quality inquiries within two weeks. Worth every shekel and great prices too. Highly recommend!
doctor locksmith
Locksmith Business

Popular questions

Popular questions and answers that every business owner asks himself before switching to digital marketing

We will conduct site and business research, because there are businesses that are worth investing most resources in organic, sponsored or social media promotion

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Social Media Campains

A digital marketing company that works for you

Before starting the work, we must first find out the understanding of the client’s needs –

This stage includes a personal meeting, and we focus on understanding the client’s needs. Which keywords do they want to promote, which keywords do we recommend for an effective SEO process, an extensive market survey reveals the best potential for rapid progress, which also includes the SEO method – the long tail.

After conducting market and competition research and building a list of keywords that we recommend, we will provide the client with the most profitable job opportunities for website promotion for the client.

This job opportunity includes attention to content related to the site, technical changes to the site code and the work of promoting the site through advertisements and external links. Work – we firmly believe in high-quality, efficient, profitable and effective website promotion.

This is why our team consists of the best professionals with many years of experience in website promotion abroad, in Israel and around the world.

This is the fastest, most economical and efficient way for our customers. It also saves PPC commissions and Google sponsored promotions. This is how we get promising results that can help achieve our goals quickly!

Organic search engine optimization

As a website promotion company with over a decade of experience in the field, we will be responsible for promoting your website’s search results on Google, to the highest positions.

Today, it is no secret that more and more people are turning to the Internet to buy services and products.

Just as people turn to search engines to find addresses, information or names, so they also look for businesses and products.

Through organic web promotion we provide clients with the opportunity to attract a large number of potential buyers from the Internet. As more and more customers turn to search engines and the Internet to find what they are looking for, the importance of organic promotion of your website has increased immeasurably.

Why wait and let your competitors take the first place in Google before you? Start taking action today to secure your future for digital marketing on the Internet and hire a top-notch SEO company.

By truly understanding our customers’ needs, we can develop the most appropriate action plan for your business. If you don’t have a website or you are not satisfied with the current website, we will build a website that fully meets all your requirements by combining your wishes with the website promotion procedure from the beginning of website construction.

Part of our customers

Latest articles from our magazine

We manage a very active magazine in the field of digital marketing – here you can get great tips for promoting your business.